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What Our Clients Say

Shatley Mcclusky

The crew’s work ethic is impeccable, and the quality of their work is unbeatable. They provide us with a wide range of preservation and repairs. We have both small single and complex properties. Regardless of the size of the site, the results are consistent and always beyond expectation.

Bill Williams

It has been an absolute pleasure working with BBS Property Management. They definitely go above the stand quo. I highly recommend them for large or small-scale repairs and maintenance.

Sarah Jordon

We have been extremely impressed by the maintenance services from BBS. They are highly responsive and always professional. Our level of absorption of new tenants has increased since we began our contract. This crew immediately separated from the other services we have hired from the first day.

Blake Rose

These are the guys for your maintenance and property repair needs. The team is courteous, competent, and dependable. They are detail oriented and attentive. They offered us professional services at fair prices. You should give them a call if you’re juggling several properties at once.

Adam Glover

I depend upon Big Bang Services a great deal. They have never let me down. They are there when and where I need them. Sometimes they resolve issues before they begin. They are definitely on point and on time, two of the most important factors in this business.

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Cheryl Baker

Big Bang Services has been a godsend to me. They saved me over $4000 due to a furnace issue, needed a new board, another company said the whole system needed to be replaced. Have also had them out for various installations of appliances, very reasonable prices and they do a great job. Wonderful company and will definitely recommend to anyone I know who is in search of handyman services.

Vanessa Smith
Website Review

This company helped me when I was having issues with mastercraft. which I will never use again. They told me with in 10 mintues what was wrong and fixed one issues and had to order parts. They are very professional and I will certainly use them again! They were out to my house with in 2 hours of me calling them. With in 4 days they came out, fixed what they could so I could have hot water, ordered parts and back out to fix it. Thank you again guys


Kevin B.
8 reviews
2d ago

Came in and solved the problem right away.
Nothing more to say.
Job done, great work. 👍

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